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Ergonomic, ambidextrous grip for FAL weapons featuring a superior textured finish for enhanced weapon control.

PELTONEN | Nordic / Finnish Ranger Knife – 5 in. Blade (12.5 cm ) “Sissipuukko” M07

Nordic knife expertise at its finest. The 5 inch (12.5 cm) blade M07 Finnish Ranger Knife is not just a military knife. It also offers a lot of safety, performance and support for hunters, bushcrafters and other outdoors people. It is a knife that will never let you down. A knife that functions in any season, in any circumstance. Please select your Blade Coating, Handle Color and Sheath options:

TRADESMART | American Flag Hat – Tactical Hat for Shooters with Velcro, PLUS American Flag Patch for FREE

Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $15.99.
Step up your style game and be the envy of the gun range with the TradeSmart tactical hat, complete with your own Velcro patches. Get ready to show your patriotic spirit in style with our American flag hat - crafted from 100% cotton and built to last. And with its easy-clip closure, you can adjust it to your size, pull your ponytail through it and clip the hat onto your belt or backpack for a secure fit.


The Tactical Cleaning Kit is a compact sized universal gun cleaning kit. Unique cotton patches, bronze bore brushes, cables, lubricant and more, ensuring a proper Breech-to-Muzzle® clean. Includes lightweight, compact soft-pack case.

JM4 Tactical | Original “Quick, Click & Carry” Magnetic Retention Holster

The first ever (and only) magnetic retention concealed-carry holster provides you with a way to carry your firearm no matter what you wear. Dual function magnets click into place on your waistband as well as provide effective magnetic gun holster retention. Available in 22 sizes to fit practically any handgun out there.

ERGO MAST® System – Modular Armorer Stand

Modular Armorers Stand (MAST®) secures your firearm for easy cleaning, maintenance, storage, or display. ERGO’s all new MAST® is one of the most useful maintenance accessories available. Simply bolt, clamp, or slide the MAST® modules into the MAST® Base to securely attach it to a bench. Then slide your firearm onto the module to lock it in place.