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SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | Horizontal Wall Rack with 10 Hooks

When you need to display firearms, bows and arrows, or even swords, this low-profile wall rack from Savior Equipment can hold it all. The mounting brackets lock onto the frame to securely hold any sporting equipment you want to show off. Available in your choice of 4 colors.

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | FSM – Folding Shooting Mat

With years of feedback from our previous models, we've rebuilt our shooting mat by addressing the biggest concern. By switching up the way this mat closes up, we minimize the volume of dirt, dust, and debris that comes in contact with the shooting side. It's a different kind of foldy boi.

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | American Classic Double Rifle Case – 36″ | 42″ | 46″ | 51″ | 55″

The American Classic double rifle case has all the space and compartments you need for a day at the range. This classic tactical design gives you both form and function, need we say more?

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | Specialist Double Rifle Case 36″ | 42″ | 46″

Our line of Specialist bags are thoroughly designed and tested specifically for the type of shooter that will appreciate the detail and thought put into this bag. Features on this double rifle case are tailored to hold all your range day accessories.

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | Urban Warfare 36″ | 42″ | 46″ | 51″ | 55″

This 2nd generation case was designed with all the feedback we got from you. The Urban Warfare Case gives the look that sets your equipment apart from others while maintaining a low profile design.

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | Specialist Range Bag

Refreshed from inside and out, our range bag has been overhauled to be even more functional. It's still tested specifically for professionals like you in mind, with features tailored to hold everything you'll need at the range.


Taking up a new hobby can be difficult and expensive; good thing the Fiddle Master Violin Case will provide proper protection for your valuable equipment.

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | Camo American Classic Double Rifle Case – 36″ | 42″ | 46″ | 55″

Now available with upgraded 1000D exterior fabric in one of four classic camouflage patterns, the American Classic rifle case has all the space you need for a day's worth at the range. Padded double firearm case, padded pistol sleeves, removable backpack straps - this classic tactical design gives you both form and function, need we say more? Available in 36", 42", 46" or 55" lengths.

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | Wall Rack System – 5 Panels Only

With our Wall Rack System panels, you can expand your wall to fit your growing collection. Attachments not included.

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | Aluminum Fishing Rod Rack – 24 / 36 / 48 Slots

The simplest solution for you to organize that growing pile of fishing rods, nets, and gaffs in your closet or garage.

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | Vest Hanger – 2 Pack

With a 150lb load limit, use this heavy duty hanger to easily store your tactical vests and plate carriers at home or in a locker.

SAVIOR EQUIPMENT | Pistol Rack – 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 Slots

Conveniently store and transport your pistols with this sturdy and solid pistol rack. Its spacious individual slots can accommodate long-barreled pistols and revolvers while its polymer plates and cushioned foam shield them from running against one another.