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JM4 Tactical | Original “Quick, Click & Carry” Magnetic Retention Holster

The first ever (and only) magnetic retention concealed-carry holster provides you with a way to carry your firearm no matter what you wear. Dual function magnets click into place on your waistband as well as provide effective magnetic gun holster retention. Available in 22 sizes to fit practically any handgun out there.

TRADESMART | Tactical Backpack – Military Grade Premium Lightweight Range Bag

Ergonomic tactical backpack / range bag holds your guns, ammo, safety gear, keys, wallet, and other valuables secure behind two separate TSA-locks. Rucksack holds 50+ pounds without losing its box shape. Buy now with no risk to you thanks to our 10-year warranty!

CAMELEON “Ceres” Concealed Carry Purse | Quilted Pink or Brown

Cameleon's "Ceres" concealed carry purse gives you everything you need in a compact personal protection bag: its compact size allows you to minimize what you carry, while still allowing you to stay prepared. Featuring vegan leather, magnetic flap-top closure and an adjustable gold chain strap, Multiple pockets with a separate CCW compartment including a matching holster.

CAMELEON “Venus” Concealed Carry Purse / Handbag

Cameleon's "Venus" Conceal and Carry bag gives you everything you need in a compact personal protection purse. The CCW compartment is padded, with velcro lining on one side, and comes equipped with a matching holster with velcro on either side to allow you to personalize the placement within the pocket for maximum comfort and confidence while carrying.

CAMELEON “Amelia” Concealed Carry Backpack – Maroon or Black

Cameleon's "Amelia" leather concealed carry backpack for those who need versatility on the go. The ambidextrous concealed carry pocket is large enough to hold a full-frame pistol, features easy access to the spacious main compartment, that has enough room for books, tablets, and other items you need with you throughout your day.

CAMELEON “Emma” Concealed Carry Purse Bag

Cameleon's "Emma" Concealed Carry purse gives you a spacious interior while still being elegant and stylish. This bag may be carried over the shoulder or as a crossbody with detachable straps, featuring gold accents and two large compartments with an individual CCW pocket. Holster with hook and loop fastening included.

CAMELEON “Zoey” Concealed Carry Purse

Cameleon's "Zoey" is a leather, half moon style concealed carry purse with a hidden magnetic flap closure. The CCW compartment is padded with hook-and-loop lining for secure placement of your firearm. Included is a matching holster with hook-and-loop lining on both sides for easy personalized placement for maximum comfort and confidence.


Cameleon's luxurious "Aphaea" Vegan Leather handbag is meant for the classy and fashion forward individual. The concealed carry pocket is located on the back, accessible from either the left or right side and is large enough to hold a full-sized gun.

CAMELEON “Aurora” Concealed Carry Backpack | Teardrop Shape – Black

Cameleon's "Aurora" is a concealed carry backpack meant for users who crave a fashion-forward design. The CCW pocket is located on the back, is accessible from either the left or right side and is large enough to hold a full-sized pistol. Wire-reinforced cut-resistant shoulder straps are removable so it can be carried as a backpack or one-shoulder bag.  

CAMELEON “Coco” CC Concealed Carry Purse – Quilted Style Bag

Cameleon's "Coco" CC Quilted Style Purse is an extravagant, yet functional handbag composed of vegan leather, with a concealed carry pocket located in the center of the bag that is accessible from both the left and right sides. This item is unique in that it has a single chain that serves the purpose of both handles and a shoulder strap.

CAMELEON “Aya” Concealed Carry Purse with Removable Crossbody Strap

Cameleon's "Aya" compact clutch design and unique metal decorative plate, as well as the stylish flap, make it one of the most versatile handbags that you can have. Made from vegan leather, this handbag is extremely lightweight, featuring a removable shoulder strap that is reinforced with a cut-resistant metal wire for added security.

CAMELEON S&W | Travel Tote Concealed Carry Purse

The Cameleon S&W Travel Tote Concealed Carry Purse was developed with some of the most robust and dependable resources available. Quality leather material with 4 interior pockets, 2 phone pockets and a 13.25" X 9.25"  CCW compartment. Accented with Antiqued Metal Hardware.