To provide professional safety equipment for shooters at every level.

Your protection is our first priority. That’s why all our equipment is rigorously tested at the range and in laboratories to meet or exceed the highest professional standards.

To protect shooters without losing focus on comfort and style.

TradeSmart products work together to ensure a comfortable fit, without the headaches. We pride ourselves on offering safety, comfort and style at the right price.

And give back to people in need

Tradesmart believes in giving back and is the largest contributor to TukTuk Charity, an accredited nonprofit providing educational material to underprivileged children.

TradeSmart | Essential Kit – Gun Ear Muffs & ANSI z87.1 Safety Glasses

Start shooting with peace of mind, knowing your eye protection for the shooting range won’t fog or scratch easily, while your gun range earmuffs keep your hearing safe. This all-in-one product contains both NRR 28 Earmuffs & z87.1 Safety Glasses in clear only or both clear and tinted (best deal!)

TradeSmart | Premium Kit Ear & Eye Protection | Extra-Padded Safety Glasses, Earmuffs & Ear Plugs

Shooting range, garage work, yard work. Make sure your vision and hearing are protected with this premium safety kit. NRR 28 earmuffs, NRR 33 ear plugs, and extra-padded ANSI anti-fog safety glasses. All in a compact carrying case. Available in 3 colors with only clear glasses or both clear and tinted glasses.

TradeSmart | Professional Eye & Ear Protection Kit | Safety Glasses, Earmuffs & Ear Plugs

Conserve your hearing and protect your eyes while at the shooting range or when out hunting with this combination set-up from Tradesmart. It provides high-level ear protection and wrap-around shielding for your eyes. Includes NRR 28 earmuffs, NRR 33 ear plugs, and ANSI anti-fog safety glasses. All in a compact carrying case. Available in 5 colors with only clear glasses or both clear and tinted glasses.

TradeSmart | Shooting Earplugs – 200 Pairs, MAX Protection+ NRR 33 U.S. Certified Earplugs for Ear Protection, Disposable

Be safe. Be smart. Our earplugs are tested to all international standards including ANSI, AS/NZS & CE, and rated ANSI NRR33, and NRR38 if combined with TradeSmart earmuffs. TradeSmart earplugs come in 200 pairs of 2 (400 pieces of earplugs total). All 200 pairs are INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED.

TradeSmart | Strong Carrying Case – Universal Case for Earmuffs & Glasses

Use our universal hard carrying case to easily carry your gear to the gun range, never forget anything, and protect your gear from damage. Case comes with 2 open mesh pockets to fit 2x safety glasses, and also fits 1x shooting earmuffs. Case only. Earmuffs and Safety Glasses sold separately.

TRADESMART | Tactical Backpack – Military Grade Premium Lightweight Range Bag

Ergonomic tactical backpack / range bag holds your guns, ammo, safety gear, keys, wallet, and other valuables secure behind two separate TSA-locks. Rucksack holds 50+ pounds without losing its box shape. Buy now with no risk to you thanks to our 10-year warranty!