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TWO VETS | The Ruck Tripod

The Ruck tripod is truly a back-woods, back-country hunter's best friend. When you have to ruck that tripod in you want it to be lightweight and compact. This is the smallest lightest tripod we offer. This tripod  can be used for all heights glassing and shooting applications. Includes Tripod, Spiked Feet, Center Column & Carrying Bag. Ballheads sold separately.

TWO VETS | 44mm Dual-Tension Arca Tripod Ballhead

This 44mm tripod ballhead features dual adjustment, having a large knob for coarse adjustment and a smaller knob for fine adjustment. This really allows the user to get the ballhead dialed in for their shooting needs and shooting style.

TWO VETS | Triclawps Solo Tripod Saddle

Triclawps moved away from a machined aluminum shooting saddle realizing there's a better material. The glass-reinforced, hi-density injected resin we use is also used in 1,000 pound pulley systems. This allows us to cut the weight and the cost in half, yet offer the same rigidity and stability as aluminum saddles. It's cutting edge and it's just better, Period! The new Solo Saddle was made for shooters who'd prefer to not leave the saddle attached to their weapon. We built the Solo Saddle with a single, rapid-drive knob for fast weapon attachment. The Solo Saddle has both 1/4" 20 and 3/8" 16  threaded inserts on the bottom of the saddle for attachment to any camera tripod (with or without a head). Either attach it to a quick disconnect plate, or directly to the tripod using the larger 3/8" threading. Triclawps comes with a lifetime, no fault, no questions asked warranty.

TWO VETS | 55MM Dual Tension Ballhead W/ Area 419 ARCALOCK CLAMP

We have teamed up with Area 419 to now offer a Area 419 Arcalock on top of our ballheads. This clamping system when run in conjunction with the Area 419 Arcalock rail will eliviate the unwated forward movement of the rifle while clamped into standard clamps. This clamp will also work with any other arca rails on the market making it a no brainer to offer ontop of our ballheads The 55mm dual tension ballhead has become increasingly popular since launching. This ballhead fatures dual adjustment having a large knob for coarse adjustment and a smaller knob for fine adjustment. This really allows the user to get the ballhead dialed in for their needs of shooting and shooting style.

TWO VETS | The Kit Tripod

The Kit tripod is a versatile tripod offering great stability in a small, compact package. Offering a lightweight option for those looking to pack their tripod on their next backwoods hunt, to hitting your local PRS matches. Featuring a smaller, more compact center section, making it easily packable and reducing the overall weight of the tripod, The Kit tripod will do it all!

TWO VETS | Recon V2 Tripod with Leg Stopper

The Recon Tripod is truly a jack of all trades tripod. It features a quick-deployment system with 3 leg sections, new ratcheting locking tabs for even faster deployment, as well as a compact size for packing in. The new V2 series offers a more packable tripod by reducing the smaller center section to allow users to use either their current exsisting ballhead or any common ballhead on the market. By reducing the center section we were able to have a weight reduction of about 1 pound off of the current existing Recon tripod.

TWO VETS | Tripod Tipi Easy-to-Pack Field Expedient Shelter or Hide

The Tripod Tipi is an innovative product from Two Vets Sporting Goods. Tipi has multiple uses from a field expedient shelter, to long stay shelter, to a field expedient hide. Tipi can be staked down with 7 stake holes. A single zipper allows for an easy in-and-out. Folds up into the size of a Nalgene bottle and can easily be store inside of your pack for inclement weather.

TWO VETS | QDT V2 LS I Tripod (with Leg Stopper)

The QDT V2 LS I Tripod is truly a gamer's tripod (featuring the new inverted legs which put the twist locks right at the top of the tripod.) This tripod's sole purpose is to give shooters a competitive edge when shooting matches. It features a quick-deployment system with 2 leg sections and new ratcheting, locking tabs for even faster deployment. By reducing the center section we were able to have a weight reduction of about 1 lb. off of the current existing QDT tripod, making it even more packable.

TWO VETS | Tripod Leg Wraps

Improve the camouflage of your tripod with these Tripod Leg Wraps from Two Vets. Available in classic Woodland or Winter Snow Camp.

TWO VETS | Leg Stopper Head Assembly

The leg stopper is a built in feature that does not allow the tripod's legs to cross when transporting or closing the tripod. This new head assembly will allow you to turn your QDT or QDT V2 into a leg-stopper version of itself. Or turn your RECON or RECON V2 into a leg-stopper as well.


The MOD DOS is a multi-functional platform designed to serve a myriad of applications. This new design is equipped with a machined in Arca Swiss plate, while maintaining the ability to convert either to Manfrotto, Picatinny, or the ultra-light Outdoorsman attachment interfaces (not included).

TWO VETS | Area 419 ARCALOCK 6″ Dovetail Rail

6" dovetail rail has serrated rail sides which interface with our proprietary clamp design to mechanically lock in place so no movement is possible.  Serrations are not sharp, will not damage bags or your hands. Accommodates a multitude of rifle and stock configurations that have an accessible front action screw and some sort of front attachment point(s). Made in USA. ** THIS RAIL REQUIRES 3 CONSECUTIVE M-LOK® STYLE SLOTS TO ATTACH. **